2013 is Here

Poly takes another step forward.  2013 is here.  What challenges await us?  What does the future hold?

2013-new-yearTo get some kind of an idea, I thought it would be interesting to look at a few clues:

  • In 2013, we are testing a change in our competition rules by dropping the reading of the titles for January and the next three months.
  • Judging from the soft response to the high points competition, I would guess its importance is faltering and in time may be dropped.
  • As time goes by more and more members are beginning to question the reasoning for allowing only 11 entries for year-end competition. I would expect a discussion of this rule to come up either this year or maybe in 2014.  The grumbling has already started, and so it’s just a matter of time.
  • As more Poly members take positions on the SCACC board, we are having an effect on how the organization operates, and how the display walls are shared with the other SCACC clubs.  In time, we may gain access to the wall space in the main entrance room and also have access to the projection room walls.
  • The only real reason the Dark Roomers have had such exclusive access to the walls is because their club submits prints for all their competitions and they do not use projection as a way to display their images. So they always have many new prints available to fill the walls.  Some Poly members do create prints, and we have been able to have our work displayed on the shared walls when our turn came up.  But I wonder if we can get enough members interested in printing to fill the walls when access becomes more available.  2013 may be the year to find out.
  • The sound system used with our TV will be improved and by the end of the year all the bugs will be fixed.

Enjoy 2013.  I know I will