About Us


Poly Photo Club is the best place for San Diego area photographers of all types to meet, exchange information, show their work and enjoy the companionship of a friendly group of people sharing their interest in photography. If you own a camera, Poly Photo Club is the place for you.

Intergalactic Bus Ride by Jeff Booher

Originally formed in 1948, our name is based on the word poly which means many — as in many photographic styles and techniques. All types of photographic expression are welcomed: landscapes, nature, travel, portraiture, color, black-and-white, digital art, and any other type of photography — provided it originates with some type of camera and it is original work.


Poly Photo Club is open to photographers of all skill levels.

Poly Photo Club offers a wide variety of activities for photographers:

  • WORKSHOPS where we learn about photography. Past workshops have covered portraiture, still life, macro, nature, and other creative techniques.
  • PHOTO OUTINGS to various Southern California destinations to practice our photography and create new competition-worthy images.
  • COMPETITION is the most important aspect of the club. Each month, experienced judges critique and score member images.
Triptych by Barbara Fletcher

Poly Photo Club meets January through November on the first, third, and fifth Saturday of each month at 9:30 AM in the Photo Arts building. The Photo Arts building is located at 1780 Village Place Road near Spanish Village in Balboa Park. Visit the Directions page for a map.

The first Saturday of each month is competition day where we show off our best work. Images that do well in these monthly competitions become eligible for honors at our annual year-end competition.

Meetings on the third and fifth Saturdays are usually photo workshops, outings, or non-competitive image sharing.

by Rick Wiley

Interested in becoming a member? Attend any of our competition meetings on the first Saturday of each month. If you like what you see, you can join us the same day. You may also come to one of our workshops on the third or fifth Saturday of the month, but those meetings are sometimes held offsite so be sure to visit our Contact page and email us first to find out where we’ll be.

Members will be scheduled to provide refreshments for a club meeting and help to host an open house at the Photo Arts Building–usually once or twice per year.

Membership costs only $40 per year.