Babies Due January 28th

Poly again has the front wall, and the two walls in the middle room for our print displays during the month of February.

The front wall will continue to remain a “themed” wall, – and the theme for February is “babies” which can mean baby,  singular, or babies,  plural. And, both human, animal and birds are perfectly acceptable.

However, I will hang only two prints per person, for a total of ten.

Please let me know asap if you have a picture, or pictures, you want shown on that wall, and advise title of your picture, and location of the subject, if appropriate.

The middle room walls are open to any size print, or subject. The middle walls will be open for a total of 20-22 prints, depending on size.  So again I encourage you to let me know if you have pictures to hang, and the title and location information.

I must be informed of your pictures title before January 28.

We’ve had good feedback on our presentations since October; and now I see that another club has agreed with my idea of having the title and location (if appropriate) along with the maker’s name.  The location the picture was taken is helpful to visitors to the Photographic Arts Building when they stop by to view our displays.

IF you have pictures you want to have hung, AND, are going to either of the two Poly workshops this month, feel free to bring them to me then.   Or, maybe we can make other arrangements to meet.

Since the beginning date for hanging Poly’s prints begins on the 1st of February, and the 1st falls on a Monday, if at all possible I would like to have them up and hanging on that date or a day or two after, and not wait until our general meeting and competition on the 6th.

Thanks for your co-operation.