Poly Potluck

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Saturday, November 18, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Photo Arts Building
1780 Village Pl
San Diego, CA 92101


We will be meeting at the PAB for Poly’s annual feast and photo sharing. Bring something yummy to share with your fellow club members. We will begin at 10:00. Those who wish to help with set-up, please arrive around 9:30. We will be dining in the main projections room at long tables with TABLECLOTHS (ok, they’re plastic, but we have them). It’s a great chance to chit-chat and have fun with fellow club members. After our potluck, we will be viewing images from members.

If you wish to share images, please bring them on a stick-drive the day of the event. A CD or DVD will suffice, but a stick drive is best. Your presentation should be around 3-5 minutes. It’s always fun to see what others can come up with, so bring some enticing photos. Maybe a special project you’ve been working on or images from your vacation, etc. This can be a PowerPoint, video or a series of photos.

The morning will end when our stomachs are full and the images have been viewed, sometime around 12:30??