Project Subjects for 2015

Each year in October, we choose the subjects for the following year’s Project competition. It’s almost time to choose 11 project subjects for the 2015 competition year.

These are the subjects that you can begin photographing immediately in October. Remember, the purpose of the Project competition is to encourage new work, so any images created before the October meeting are ineligible.

Get Creative

This year, I’d like each of you to submit any number of suggested subjects up to a maximum of 11 – that’s one per competition month. You don’t need to suggest which subject goes with which month. We’ll assemble a small committee to choose the subjects based on their uniqueness, feasibility and possible a few other criteria.

So put on your thinking caps and get creative. Think of concepts and verbs rather than things: “growth” instead of “tree” or “inner beauty” instead of “portraits.” Maybe a favorite song, book or movie title would make a good subject. Poly s full of imaginative people, so I’m expecting good ideas.

UPDATED 9/29/2014. Submissions for project ideas are now closed. Project subjects for 2015 will be announced at our October, 4th meeting.

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Alan Haynes

I'm a travel photographer, web designer and former president of the Poly Photo Club. I also run the website.