Saturday, October 3, 2015 Will Be A Busy Day

Be there! Our October competition meeting this Saturday – October 3rd, 2015 – will be a busy one. We have a lot of business to discuss prior to the competition.

New Officers

For starters, we’ll be voting for new club officers. The nominating committee has been working hard to find candidates for two offices that will be vacated: President and Vice-President. Our Presidential nominee is Darlene Elwin who has agreed to move up from her current position as Vice-President. Our new Vice-Presidential nominee is Sue Cerise.

Both Aseem Gupta, our treasurer, and Jan Handman, the club secretary, have agreed to stay on for another year. We’ll vote for them as well.

New officers assume their duties as of the end of the November meeting.

Bylaws Changes

Secondly, we’ll be voting on three changes to the club bylaws. The proposed changes include the amount of dues for next year, a provision allowing for a membership cap if it becomes necessary and, finally, a change to the year-end competition entry procedure.

The details are available for download in this document: Poly Bylaws Change Proposals 10-2015. Current bylaws are available here: Poly Bylaws Revised 1-1-2015.

Here’s a brief summary of each proposal:

  1. Dues. Club dues are currently set at  $45 with a $10 discount for members who have fulfilled their duty to host the building or volunteer in other ways for the club. The discount was supposed to act as an incentive to convince members to host the building. It has not worked as an incentive, so it is being dropped. If approved, dues will be $40 for everyone beginning the 2016 club year.
  2. Cap. With Poly membership swelling, we have been in danger of exceeding the fire marshal’s limit on the number of people who can occupy the Photo Arts Building at one time. If approved, a provision will be added to the bylaws to allow the President and Board to institute a membership cap when necessary. No cap is currently planned. The provision merely allows for a cap if membership should continue growing.
  3. Year-End. Currently, members may enter up to 11 images into our year-end competition in the open category. This has resulted in over 330 images in competition. Our year-end judges become fatigued by this number of entries and the year-end slide show suffers: many images are only  on-screen for a few seconds. If approved, members will each be allowed to enter up to eight images beginning this year.

For more information on these proposed changes, read the documents mentioned above. There is also some information and discussion on Poly’s Yahoo Groups site.

“No Titles” Proposal

We’ll vote on a proposal made by Dorothy Mildice at our September meeting. She is proposing that image titles should not be read during the competition. This is similar to a previous proposal that was tried last year for a few months. After the trial, members voted to reject that propsal.

Project Subjects for 2016

Darlene Elwin will announce the 11 project themes for next year. Remember that only images created after the announcement of the themes are eligible to be entered in the project competition. So, once they are announced on Saturday, you can begin creating new project images to be entered during 2016.

Come to the meeting prepared to vote. Of course, we’ll also have all of the usual agenda items such as workshop announcements and the like.