SCACC Report

Highlights from the January 5th meeting of the Southern California Association of Camera Clubs (SCACC)

InterClub Competition

Darscacc-logoci Hook asked to schedule the dates for the end of year SCACC Interclub judging and the Interclub banquet.  After discussion, everyone approved March 23rd as the date for judging.  The year-end awards ceremony is scheduled for April 27th.

Snacks will be brought by the clubs:  Salty snacks by Photo Naturalists, sweet snacks by Poly Photo, hot drinks by Darkroomers and cold drinks by Tuesday Morning club.  All club members are welcome to witness judging by the team of 3 judges on March 23rd starting at 9:30 AM and are also welcome at the year-end awards ceremony on April 27th running from 9:30AM to around Noon.  Both meetings will be at the Photo Arts Building (PAB).

Front Room Board

After discussion, Ernesto moved and David Delgadillo, the new Darkroomers President, seconded to allow the individual clubs to set up their own criteria as to content and format of the front display board.  In addition, schedule will be set up according to the number of members of each club. The motion was approved by all clubs. Schedule will be set up by the secretary, Josi Ross, with March as the first month of the new schedule.

This is extremely significant, as previous to this vote, the Darkroomers club had exclusive access to the front room display and used it for their “Artist of the Month” based on a set of club criteria.  The good news is that clubs may use this front room, the first wall the public sees when they come in, for an Artist of the Month like the Darkroomers or something completely different.  The responsibility will be to maintain the high standards the Darkroomers have had in their displays and prints.

Time for Poly to start working on what to put up on our months, and by the way, as the largest club we will have the most months.  Put your thinking cap on and get the ideas to the Poly officers.

SCACC Officer Nominating Committee

Tom Matson, SCACC President requested Les Anderson, Robin Stern, and Darci Hook be on the nominating committee again this year.  Their job is to announce the annual opening for SCACC Officer positions and collect names of interested club members.

Prospective nominees will be presented to the current officers for selection at the March 5th SCACC Meeting starting at 7:00 PM. They will be looking for club members interested in the SCACC positions.  As a reminder, our current Officers are.

  • President (Tom Matson-Darkroomers)
  • Vice Presidents (Joe Lima-Poly Photo & Darkroomers) and (Jean Eichenlaub/Oscar Ibarra-Darkroomers & Poly Photo)
  • Treasurer (Diane Patterson-Poly Photo)
  • Secretary (Josi Ross-Poly Photo).

Should you be interested in one of positions and what the job entails please talk to one of the nominating committee or the person that is currently in that position.

 Other Items of Note

  • An electrician was hired by SCACC to repair damaged and worn equipment in the building and to check and map all circuits.  You will notice there are now circuit numbers on the outlets.
  • A motion was carried to post a copy of the Building Hosting procedures in the front of the building so everyone will know what to do when hosting.
  • Poly continues to push for clean out and organization of the PAB closets.
  • The John Watts Workshops have been able to add an income line to SCACC and have provided very informative workshops attracting approximately 25 people per event.
  • Several members of the Darkroomers are interested in hosting a Salon, which is a judging competition involving the public.  If you are interested in participating please contact their new President, David Delgadillo.  It is still in the investigative stage, but if you haven’t heard about Salon’s before, they were responsible for much of the income and bankroll that supported SCACC operations.