Three Walls for Poly Art During September

It’s Poly’s turn to hang our photos on the walls of the Photo Arts Building.

During September, we’ll be using the two walls in the middle room and the one in the front room. The front room wall is reserved for pictures that won an Honorable Mention in the San Diego County Fair, 2015.

Our gallery coordinator, Dorothy Mildice, will be handling the details.

She would like everyone who received an HM at the fair to participate so that we can fill the wall with 12 to 14 photos.

She will provide a sign identifying the photos as HM winners from Poly. She’ll also create a label for each image to identify the title of the photo, the location where it was created and the artist’s  name.

To participate, contact Dorothy as soon as possible. We’ll be able to hang the photos at our September 5th meeting.

If you don’t remember which of your images won awards at the fair, you can view the official results as a pdf here.