Year-End Competition Deadline November 30th!

woman with clockThe clock is ticking!

If you plan to enter the year-end competition, you must send your entries now. The deadline is November 30th.

Your images will be scored by a panel of three judges. Results will be announced at our Year-End banquet in February.

Ribbons and medals will be awarded to top winners and honorable mentions. Some of you will find your names inscribed on permanent plaques which hang at the Photo Arts Building.

All entries will be shown at our year-end banquet in a multimedia slideshow. Amaze your friends with your best work!


  • DEADLINE: November 30th.
  • Email your entries to Bill at his personal address:
  • Do NOT send your entries to the polyentries yahoo email address.
  • Attach all of your images to one email if possible. Otherwise, break them up into as few emails as necessary. These days, most email providers will accept an email up to about 25MB in size, so you shouldn’t need more than two emails.


Choose your favorite 11 images from 2013 or the ones you think will do well in competition. It’s up to you. Just follow these simple rules:

Open Competition

  • Enter up to 11 of your best images which were judged during one of our monthly competitions in 2013.
  • Only images that received a score of 7 or higher are eligible.
  • The images you enter must be the same images you entered during the year. However, you are allowed to make minor changes to the image based on feedback you received from the monthly judge.

Project Competition

  • Enter any Project Competition images which were awarded first or second place during 2013.