New Poly Gallery at Trevi Hills Winery, July to Oct

A special thanks goes out the the photo-hanging crew of James Woodward, Brian Gilwee, Carol Murdock, Josi Ross and Al Larranaga who did a fantastic job of hanging the beautiful Poly Gallery at Trevi Hills Winery.

A total of 27 photographers submitted one photo each. These photographers included Jeff Beeler, James Woodward, Dream Swader, Carol Murdock, Heidi Gauthreaux, Carol Flanagan-Corsi, Jeanmarie Arman, Cathy Presmyk, Maryanne McGuire, Karen Green, Brian Gilwee, Osia Strasner, Lisa Miller, Rick Wiley, Steven Krause, Frances Schnall, Brian Joliffee, Susan Newlin, Kim SignoretPaar, Beverly Brock, Dee Elwin, Barbara Fletcher, Bill Godwin-Austen, Al Larranaga, Josi Ross, Paul Shilling and Joan Harris.

Take your friends to the winery and enjoy an afternoon of wine and photography.  Trevi Hills Winery is open from noon to dusk, Thursday through Sunday – 13010 Muth Valley Rd, Lakeside.

Poly’s two awards at SD County Fair

Poly participated in the photography club awards at the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair. Many clubs were invited to give awards in addition to the sponsor/donor awards. Poly gave two awards and the recipients received a year membership in the club.

Congratulations to Diana Elledge and Terry Allen!!

Diana Elledge
“Creating a Bridge for Itself”
B&W Nature – plants, insects and wild animals

Terry Allen
“Oven & Ristras”
Large Prints

2022 Poly Photo Club High School Photography Awards

This was an incredible year for students at San Dieguito High School Academy as they returned to school in person after 1.5 years of remote learning. The creativity and enthusiasm channeled by these students is a force to be admired. Working on a variety of projects during the year, students became familiar with a range of photographic genres and techniques. Some of these projects included:
  • Landscape Photography
  • Macro and Abstract Photography
  • ‘Faceless’ Portraits
  • Personal Still life
  • Surreal Photo Composites

The students’ creative output was impressive and inspiring. Their photography instructor Laura Olden shared with us, “I am so proud of what the students at SDA accomplished this year. It has been a joy to see each student hone their creative voice through their photography. Each individual’s style and unique perspective shines through in their work.”

Images were submitted digitally to our club, and Poly members judged the images – a difficult task! Monetary scholarships went to the first, second, third and five honorable mention winners.

See the students’ photos at Poly Flickr link: