Creating multi-style images
through photography
and technology


Poly Trevi Hills Winery Photo Exhibit (Topic Black and White)
Oct 12 2023 – Mar 21 2024 all-day
Competition: Project – Moody
Oct 14 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Project Theme – Moody.  Image must be taken on or after 11/1/2022.
Judge: Theresa Jackson
Host:   James Woodward

La Jolla Shores
Oct 15 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Meet at La Jolla Shores parking lot at 8am.  We will walk the shores, opportunity for people, beach, shorebirds, kayakers, scuba divers, etc and we will walk to the Scripps Pier.  Join us afterwards for coffee and a bite to eat at Carolines, then we will walk back to the parking lot.

Day Trip to LA Union Station and Downtown Walkabout
Oct 21 all-day
We will be taking the Pacific Surfliner to Los Angeles Union Station.  Once we are there we will be walking the area with lots of opportunity for architectural photography, street photography, etc.  We will be taking the #769 Pacific Surfliner, which leaves from Oceanside at 8:57am and arrives in Los Angeles at 10:52am.  If you would like to take the train from a different station, look for the #769 Pacific Surfliner when you book your ticket.  Tickets are $28 and $42 for business class.  It is recommended that you purchase business class and we will all sit together.  Also, with business class you will get a golf cart ride to the train in union station and access to the lounge.
We will return on the #586 train which leaves from Union Station at 6:10pm and arrive in Oceanside at 8:04pm.  Again, if you are wanting to return to a different station, look for the #586 train when you book your ticket.  We will have more details as to where we will be walking in Los Angeles in the next few weeks such as the Bradley building, Angels Flight, Disney Concert Hall, Wells Fargo, LA City Library, etc. We will be taking the Metro in Los Angeles to get to some of our locations.
75th Anniversary Mini Road Trip 8:30 am
Oct 25 @ 8:30 am – Oct 26 @ 2:00 pm

We will be meeting at the Rainbow Cafe at 8:30am in Rainbow, CA.  From there we will be visiting many locations in the Temecula area including Ricardo Breceda’s Sculpture Garden, the Galway Down Equestrian Center, Robert Region Winery.  For those who wish to spend the night we will stay at the Embassy Suites in Temecula or if you wish, head back to San Diego.  On Day 2 we will visit Historic Old Town and drive back on the back country roads through Fallbrook with opportunities for shooting old oak tree canyons, back country scenery, farmhouses, etc.