Creating multi-style images
through photography
and technology

2018 Year-End Winners

2018 Year-End entries – 197 images – were judged in December by a panel of three guest judges: David King, Susan Coppock, and Joan Evards.  

To view a slideshow containing all of the year-end entries, click here to play the Poly 2018 Year-End Slideshow on YouTube. It was produced by Charlie Breese.

Award Winners

The award winners and high-points winners received a Poly medallion and had their names inscribed on perpetual plaques which hang in the Photographic Arts Building. Honorable Mention winners received ribbons.

Here are the winners as presented at our Year-End Banquet and Awards Show which was held February 23, 2019 at the La Jolla Country Club.

Special Award Winners

Altered Reality Award Winners

Realistic Award Winners

Project Competition Award Winners

Altered Reality Honorable Mentions

Realistic Honorable Mentions 

Project Competition Honorable Mentions

High-Points Winners

Altered Reality 1st Place Dan Palermo 153 points
Altered Reality 1st Place Barbara Fletcher 90 points
Altered Reality 1st Place Beverly Brock 88 points
Realistic 1st Place Koustav Maity 154 points
Realistic 2nd Place Ani Sarkar 152 points
Realistic 3rd Place Joan Harris 148 points