Workshop: Photoshop on the Fly with Larry Vogel

Saturday, February 15, 2020 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Start thinking about your prints for the Fair!   Larry is a first-class instructor and we are thrilled to have him on our roster. He will critique and recommend changes using Photoshop.  Attached are the guidelines for submitting your 3 images:

Files must be prepared for digital projection with these guidelines:

1) Files should be flattened with no layers 

2) All files should be in 8 Bit depth 

3) JPEG format 

4) OK to leave in Adobe RGB color space or convert to sRGB  

5) Longest dimension to be 2,000 pixels (this allows for best projection) 

6) File size not to exceed 3 megabytes

7) File resolution can be left at your camera native resolution, such as 240, or it     

    can be at a resolution of 72 as long as the required pixel dimensions of 2,000 are met

8) Save the file with your last name and number them like this example with your name in place of mine: Vogel_001, Vogel_002, Vogel_003

Send images to: with Poly Photo in the email subject line