Creating multi-style images
through photography
and technology



I enjoy travel and outdoor “views from the road” photography. 


I specialize in macro, landscape, fine art and portrait photography. I have won numerous awards including many from the San Diego International Photography Exhibition in Del Mar, CA. My work has been displayed in several local galleries.


My work has won many awards and I have done many private events, fine art photography, artistic nude, landscape, and studio work. I enjoy doing macro, sports and nature photography and being creative. I like learning about photography in any aspect. Maybe one day I will open my own gallery.   


I create digital art on the iPhone or iPad, and make acrylic pour art to use as backgrounds for my digital art. I’m a member of the La Jolla Art Association which hangs their art at the La Jolla Community Center, where I also teach acrylic pour and digital art.


My interest in photography began humbly in the 60s, shooting our family vacations with a Polaroid. Got my first real camera around 1980 and started to get serious. Joining Poly in the early 90s helped me improve my photography and expand the scope of subjects and styles.   


I can sum up my photography as “it’s all personal” whether it is in the form of architectural shapes, nature’s forms, or people going about their lives. My creativity and preference for black & white images has been influenced by iconic photographers such as Minor White, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Margaret Bouke White, Dorothea Lange to name a few.  


I am a landscape photographer, who has been honing my skills for the past seven years. I have won a few awards and have had my work on display at the Del Mar Fair the last four years prior to the Pandemic.


I specialize in capturing the beauty in nature, whether that be through her landscapes, flowers, or birds. My work has been shown and awarded at the International Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego Fair, has been a finalist in the International Color Awards, and published in California Gardens Magazine.


My photography began outdoors and expanded to so much more. My images were sold at the Bristlecone Pine Visitor Center and published in several magazines. I continue to learn more each year.



I am a lifelong photo enthusiast, always working to improve my photographic skill sets. I enjoy photographing the natural and built environment, or really anything that I find interesting. 



I love travel and informal people photography.  I’m always learning new things.  Started in film, then digital and now mirrorless. It is an endless process and I love it.    


A love of nature through camping and hiking drew me to photography. I tried creating images that would draw viewers in. Waterfalls and ocean scenes are my favorites. When I see an unusual technique I have to try it. Currently, black and white images are my passion. I have many Fair awards thanks to membership in Poly Photo Club. 


I constantly experiment with digital alchemy to distinguish my work. Ideas begin as thoughts of what can be, never what is. And as I work, the boundaries between reality and fantasy are criss-crossed until they blur beyond recognition. In the end only the way an image makes us feel is important. Hopefully I will make you feel something to remember.


I started with a simple camera in the 1990s, and soon it led to wanting something bigger/better, and eventually to having Clark Winsor invite us to join Poly in 2005. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I particularly like taking close-ups, or macro, of bees, lizards, worms, and butterflies to show people nature’s beauty that isn’t easily seen with the naked eye.


I prefer street photography with people as the focus. Quirky, whimsical, humorous and unusual subjects interest me the most. I mostly shoot candids around the beach area of La Jolla Shores. Camera of choice is a Ricoh GR III. 


I enjoy photographing a broad range of subjects with a preference for nature and documentary-travel photography. My preference is to create images through in-camera processing where the final product remains the primary image captured in the camera. I love the art of “photographing” and capturing the beauty of simple subjects as well as the magnificent wilderness of remote places. 


I have had a lifelong passion for the storytelling power of images. My photographic interests include landscapes, street photography, travel, animals, and the beauty of the everyday world. 


My photography is my passion, earning me numerous accolades like Best of Show, People’s choice, Judges’ Choice and other awards. I am honored to be published in NANPA’s Expressions Magazine. Beyond being a photographer, I am an artist and visual storyteller, capturing moments with my unique perspective.


Advertising, commercial and fine art photographer for over 40 years. Still having fun and finding challenges in photography. I start with a concept for an image, then figure out the technical requirements to execute this vision.    


Photography is my happy place from all the craziness from having Lupus and a kidney transplant. It’s my place to escape and have fun! 


All my work originates with a photograph. I often embellish a photograph using the computer to achieve the result I desire. In addition, I frequently add acrylic paint and ink to the printed piece for further impact. And all this is so much FUN! 


My passion for photography started many years ago. To this day, whether at home or out and about, I enjoy creating images… be it my Sony camera, my iPhone or just in my mind. Nature, wildlife, reflections, abstracts, and street photography are among my favorite subjects.


I take photos not only for what I see, but also for what I envision.


My photography shows my passion for life, energy and sunny outlook. Travel photography, photojournalism, capturing children and families in special moments is a true gift. I have been juried in several galleries coast to coast, including Spanish Village Art Center, Art on 30th, Front Porch Gallery, ArtWalk Liberty Station and International Wine Show. 


Photography and video have been lifelong passions of mine. Whether I’m documenting a live event, or creating my own fantasy world of digital art, I try to capture the moment and present it in an artistic and creative manner. Judy MacLean-Fowler, President of the San Diego-based Women in Creative Photography.


I am passionate about landscape photography!  Capturing the beauty of nature defines what photography is all about for me.  My images portray the natural grandeur I see thru my camera lens onto the printed image. 


As a scientist and artist, my main use of photography has been to document nature and as an aid to remember compositions or lighting details of particular interest. Over the last few years, I have developed an increased interest in photographic art – I especially enjoy macrophotography, landscapes, and images that capture story and emotion.  


While photography has always been a lifelong interest, it is now in retirement that I have pursued a passion to learn and grow in my photography skills. I love taking images of nature, landscapes and wildlife with a particular interest in birds. I am currently the Vice President of Programs for Poly Photo Club.


I tell stories with my  camera. I work to create images of people and places with a sense of how the moment feels and at the same time searching for something deeper and referential, opening the curtain for the viewer to see, imagine, feel. 


I found my passion in photography in college when I borrowed a 35mm camera and took my first class in B&W photography. It was magical seeing the images appear on paper, and I spent hours in the darkroom. These days my favorite subjects are sunsets, animal portraits at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, flowers and landscapes.  


I enjoy still life, landscape and street photography. Capturing the moment is always a fun challenge. I have been honored to win local, national and international awards.  



I have been serious about photography since buying my first camera in 1956. I enjoy Nature, especially plants and hard-to-believe fabulous flowers. I’m also attracted by “bugs” of all sizes, colors, and shapes. My greatest achievements in photography are the result of carefully planning a given scene to be executed on a table in my house. There, I can control the light and background. (Read more about Marietta in an interview here, pg 3.)


In my 38 years as a podiatrist in San Diego County, my best memories are of the sea in motion. Retiring to Western New York, I miss the ocean the most. 


Photography is an extension and expansion of my visual vocabulary. As an architect I am drawn to the built environment, as a night owl I love to capture the night skies, and as a world traveler I like to document different cultures and people in my photojournalistic pursuit. 


I’m fairly new to photography, having taken my first class in 2022.  My focus to date has been on macro photography, specifically flowers, but I am excited by the large world of photography that I’m just beginning to explore. The Poly Photo Club plays a role in my exploration, providing me with a welcome source of inspiration, knowledge, and support. 


My photographs provide a powerful vehicle for sharing evocative nature stories. I am especially passionate about creating artistic images of birds, flowers, and insects. My award-winning photography has been exhibited in numerous local shows and competitions and has been published in the book, San Diego’s North County Coast: A Photographic PortraitNature’s Best Magazine and California Garden.


Photography is a personal passion of mine, and I try to show it through the images I create. You can find me at Mission Trails Regional Park walking amongst the brambles taking nature images, or you will find me in my garage-studio setting up for still life images. It’s all good!


I am a late bloomer photographer taking it up after retirement. I shoot mostly wildlife and am especially keen on macro photography.


I am a retired dentist and used photography daily in my practice. Over the years I taught photography and cosmetic imaging to several dental organizations. The interest in photography started in high school as the yearbook and school newspaper photographer. Sedona Colors was taken while on a Poly Photo Club trip.


My photography focuses on nature, landscapes and still life from arranged natural elements. A former resident of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I was elected to the Cape Cod Art Center as a juried artist and continue participation there. From San Diego I have participated in local, national, and international exhibits and competitions, receiving many awards.