President’s Column: The Missed Image

Memory cards have no emotions. Our brain’s memory does. We are fortunate. There is something valuable in missing an image occasionally, for not having a camera at that special moment when the light was supreme, the colors astounding, and the subject captivating. It’s an opportunity to dream and to periodically resurrect in one’s memory the emotions of that missed arresting moment.

BrainAs it happens, I have more vivid, clear remembrances of a few, missed images than of those I committed to a memory card. My most memorable “missed” image goes back more than twenty years. I can still easily retrieve it from my brain. Over five hundred megapixels, human eye HDR rendition. It was at night. Yacht racing in the Pacific, several miles off the Mexican coast. A clear crisp night. A good breeze filling the sails. Gliding over smooth waters of low rolling waves.

On the eastern sky, a few degrees above the horizon, a full moon. Bright enough to fully illuminate the boat and rigging. Then the memorable moment unfolded. The breeze picked up. With it, a bank of low fog rolled in from northwest. As the fog started closing in, the moonlight projected the shadow of our boat on the wall of the approaching fog. An eerie, awe-inspiring image. Continue reading President’s Column: The Missed Image

From the Poly Speaks Editor

Since the January/February 2013 issue is the first edition of the new year after the world was supposed to end last December, we decided to temporarily depart from our usual format. (I also think it’s better not to be too predic­table.) This month, since we have all been spared from certain death, we are going to focus on new ideas and oppor­tunities for new beginnings.

world-ends-cartoonIn fulfillment of one of my New Year’s resolutions, I am continuing to “nag” Poly folks about expan­ding their photo horizons. A key part of Poly’s charter is to help us all improve our photographic skills. The first pillar of that effort is the (mostly) objective feedback of our work that our monthly competitions provide. The second is the free sharing of knowledge about art, technology, technique, standards, and opportunities to help each of us grow. The expansion and updating of the photographic milieu in San Diego and the ever-growing capabilities provided by the internet offer many new prospects. Continue reading From the Poly Speaks Editor