Creating multi-style images
through photography
and technology


Poly Photo Club Salon

The Poly Salon is an opportunity for members to share and discuss images they are working on.

Perhaps you do not like judges, or image competitions.
Perhaps you just want to discuss images you are working on.
Perhaps you just would like to ask other members what they might offer to improve an image.

Then, the Poly Photo Salon is for you!

You’ll find there is a lot of public discussion in our Salons.
Unlike a judged event, which may not offer up public discussion on each image,
our Salons encourage discussion.
In fact, previous Poly Salons have had some very interesting and valuable discussions.

1. Submit up the three (3) jpeg images by 5pm the Friday before the Saturday Salon. 2. Image size: no larger than 1080px by 1920px (on the long side).
3. Email to the same email as the Monthly Competition with SUBJECT LINE – Salon

Salons are ZOOM meetings. Start time 9:30am on the 4th Saturday of a month.
Note: Please join by 9:25am so we can actually start at 9:30.

No Salons in Nov & Dec.
Salons will usually happen back to back months, then off one month.
But variations are possible.
Check the Poly website calendar for Salon dates.