Fair Use of Copyrighted Works – Truth vs. Myth

If you are interested in protecting your images from unauthorized use, you may want to read this informative and entertaining – and relatively brief – article, “It’s All About the Eyeballs.”

The gist of the story is about “fair use” myths. It seems that some people believe that they can get away with unauthorized – and unpaid – use of our images by arguing that they didn’t profit from the use, gave credit to the photographer and a few other claims that don’t hold up in court.

The authors are a respected intellectual-property attorney, Ed Greenberg, and photographer Jack Rezniki. Their blog (called “The Copyright Zone“) sticks to the facts – usually of actual case law – but it’s presented in an understandable way – with a dash of fun added.

With image “appropriation” becoming more common, I suggest you subscribe to the blog to keep up on the latest news.