Creating multi-style images
through photography
and technology

2020 Winners

Winning images posted by Judy Olesen

November 2020

Project:  Famous  Judge:  Isaac Rauscher

October 2020

Project:  Convergence  Judge: Sally Reis Vogt

September 2020

Project:  Animals Starting with the Letter “P”

Judge:  Greg Klamt

August 2020

Project:  Industrial  Judge:



July 2020

Project:  Affluence  Judge:


June 2020

Project:  Negative Space  Judge:  Susan Coppock

May 2020

Project:  Judge:

April 2020

Project: Windows  Judge:  Larry Vogel

March 2020

Project:  Rope or Chains  Judge:

February 2020

Project:  Conversation  Judge:  Laura Lee Humes

January 2020

Project: Dissasembled Objects | Judge: Larry Vogel