9:30 am Lightroom Develop Module by Paul...
Lightroom Develop Module by Paul...
Aug 20 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
Paul will guide us through the Develop module in Adobe Lightroom Classic. He will demonstrate how the many buttons, dials, and sliders in the Develop module can be used to bring your raw images to … Continue reading Lightroom Develop Module by Paul Shilling
9:30 am Poly Salon
Poly Salon
Aug 27 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Poly Photo Club Salon Saturday The Poly Salon is an opportunity for members to share and discuss images they are working on. Perhaps you do not like judges and/or image competition.  Perhaps you just want … Continue reading Poly Salon
9:30 am Competition: Project – Wheels
Competition: Project – Wheels
Sep 3 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Project Theme – Wheels.  Image must be taken on or after 11/1/2021. Judge:Theresa Jackson Host: Paul Shilling

New Poly Gallery at Trevi Hills Winery, July to Oct

A special thanks goes out the the photo-hanging crew of James Woodward, Brian Gilwee, Carol Murdock, Josi Ross and Al Larranaga who did a fantastic job of hanging the beautiful Poly Gallery at Trevi Hills Winery.

A total of 27 photographers submitted one photo each. These photographers included Jeff Beeler, James Woodward, Dream Swader, Carol Murdock, Heidi Gauthreaux, Carol Flanagan-Corsi, Jeanmarie Arman, Cathy Presmyk, Maryanne McGuire, Karen Green, Brian Gilwee, Osia Strasner, Lisa Miller, Rick Wiley, Steven Krause, Frances Schnall, Brian Joliffee, Susan Newlin, Kim SignoretPaar, Beverly Brock, Dee Elwin, Barbara Fletcher, Bill Godwin-Austen, Al Larranaga, Josi Ross, Paul Shilling and Joan Harris.

Take your friends to the winery and enjoy an afternoon of wine and photography.  Trevi Hills Winery is open from noon to dusk, Thursday through Sunday – 13010 Muth Valley Rd, Lakeside.