9:30 am Poly Salon
Poly Salon
Oct 23 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Poly Salon
9:30 am Competition: Project – Halloween
Competition: Project – Halloween
Nov 6 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Competition: Project – Halloween Judge: Lois Fong-Sakai

Poly Members at the Fair

(by Jim Mildice in “Poly Speaks”)

This year, the Poly members who competed in the “Exhibition of Photography” did very well.

First of all, Kim Signoret-Paar, was first in the “B&W Architecture or Cityscapes” class, and that image was selected as Best in Show. She also had a second and a fourth in “Color Scenic – Spring” and in “Cell Phone Photography.”

If you will allow a baseball metaphor, Michele McCain “hit for the cycle” this year. She won a first, second, third, and fourth in “Our Best Friend, Color Scenic – Fall, Color Architecture or Cityscape, and Color Scenic –Summer,” respectively.

Beverly Brock won a first place award in the “At the Fair” class; and also picked up two Honorable Mention ribbons. Jim Collier has a fourth place in “Color Nature – Flowers,” and two Honorable Mentions. Darlene Elwin was first in “Color Nature– Other Plants and Trees.”

Joan Harris got three third place awards in “Color Nature –Flowers, Macro, and Fair Theme,” and an Honorable Mention. Alan Haynes got a second and a fourth in “Color Scenic – Winter” and “B&W Scenic –Landscapes and Waterscapes,”and two Honorable Mentions. Diane Marinos has a first place in “Color– People,” and four Honorable Mentions.

A total of 19 Honorable Mentions were gathered by: (in alphabetical order)
Mary Anderson
Marietta Baginsky
Beverly Brock
Jim Collier
Jan Handman
Joan Harris
Alan Haynes
Diane Marinos
Dorothy Mildice
Rick Wiley